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Fiction and drama

Having learned the hard way how difficult it is to get a spec script produced, Glyn has focused in recent years on writing novels, short stories, and plays.

Since 2019 he has completed two novels, several short stories in two soon-to-be published collections, and written two full length stageplays, and several shorter plays.

Short fiction



An Eclection of Fairies

short stories

Fairy tales for the modern age. "Delights and surprises: fine storytelling, with humour, twists, and a hint of dark chocolate, the stuff with chilli in  it."


Nine short stories, including versions of the short films Fallen and Olive

The first of three short story collections. 

AnEclectionofFairies_FRONT cover med res



An Eclection of Little Horrors

short stories plus novella

Stories of darkness, sin and retribution. "More great storytelling ... trademark humour and invention, now with a black heart. Beware your impure conscience..."

Seven short stories, including three award-winners, plus a 150 page novella This Way Madness.


The second of three short story collections, to be followed by An Eclection of Romcoms and Other Tragedies



An Eclection of Romcoms and Other Tragedies

short stories 

Stories with a romantic theme. Mostly.

Sweetened with humour and happy endings. Mostly.



A Traitor's Son

epic historical adventure


In the times of Aethelred the Unready, Edward the Confessor, Lady Godiva and King Knut, the son of a traitor rises from ignominy to kingmaker. With a warrior’s courage, a spy’s cunning and a seducer’s charm, Godwin faces Vikings, Normans, and vicious internal feuds among nobles. 


The first of a multi-volume series about the man who bestrode England through the most tumultuous half-century in her history. War and intrigue, friendship and betrayal, culminating in Godwin's son King Harold's date with destiny in 1066.





Long ago, men forced the Giants who ruled Albion peacefully to leave their homes. They found refuge in the far Himalayas, to be known only as the legend of the Yeti. But the Gog clan is dying, so Gwern resolves to return to modern England to seek the relic that can save his people. In his way stand the descendents of the Giants' eternal nemesis, Jack.

A fantasy quest in the tradition of Tolkien and LeGuin, laced with stories of magic, myth, and the very origins of Albion and Britain, from England and Wales's oldest literatures.



Arnmy of Me

science fiction

After her father is killed by an intruder who infects him with a virus, Saffy discovers he has opened a gateway t parallel worlds... where alternative versions of her father are being killed too. Different Saffies unite to stop a serial killer who can hop between worlds.

parallel worlds.jpg

Stage drama

Arnold and Cherry

Drama / comedy

Gay octogenarian ex-professor of philosophy forms a friendship with underachieving carer at his residential home. She fears he is being gaslighted by the oh-so-caring matron.


Full length play dealing with themes of aging, friendship, and abuse of vulnerable old people in care. Produced online in 2021, and in development for full production in 2022.

Christmas 1915

First World War drama

Soldiers on both sides of no man's land remember the unofficial Christmas truce of 1914, and want to replay the football match. But the general staff insist it must not recur.

Full length play set in enemy trenches within shouting distance of each other.

The Bloody Death of Edmund Ironside

historical play in verse

How Godwin, father of Harold II, negotiated Edmund and King Canute sharing the throne to end the war between Saxons and Danes, and how English treachery made Canute sole ruler.


Self-contained, but written as Act 1 of a longer historical play.

No Signal & Treetops

short plays

No Signal is a comedy about a young man on a train, desperate to make a call to close a business deal that will make him rich, and the passengers who help and hinder him. Treetops is the original play that became my short film Carabiners.

Produced alongside stage adaptations of my short films as Short Is The New Black, Hastings Fringe 2016.

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