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Short Films

Since our first short in 2015, Stories into Light has made dramas, comedies and sketches, as well as corporate and promotional videos.

All were written and produced (and some directed) by Glyn Carter.

Most have achieved festival selection, including award nominations and wins.

TheGunMan_poster med res_edited.jpg
The Gun Man                                                                                                     2016 / 20min

A man with a past befriends a woman with no future, as his ex-gangster mates begin to question her motivesClick image for full film, or here for trailer.

With Gordon Kennedy (T2 Trainspotting) and Hayley-Marie Axe (May I Kill U?).

  • Best editing, Birmingham Film Festival 2018 (nom best m actor and best short)

  • St Albans Film Festival 2017 (nom best f actor)

  • London Independent Film Festival 2017; Cyprus Independent Film Festival 2017; That Film Festival 2018-9 (London & Berlin)

Written and produced by Glyn Carter​, dir Jo Southwell

Fallen poster 2 lo res_edited.jpg
Fallen                                                                                               2018 / 8min

An old man and a schoolgirl argue about who found a mysterious ring first, and whether it's gold... or a halo. 

With Sydney Kean, and introducing Laura Edwards.

  • Tweetfest Short Film Festival 2018

  • Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2019 (BAFTA Cymru)

  • Hastings Film Fringe 2019

Written produced and directed by Glyn Carter

A Changed Man poster jpeg final.jpg
A Changed Man                                                                             2015 / 9min

Logan has been bad, very bad. He made a big mistake, but now he wants Belinda back. Can he persuade her he's a changed man? Has she made changes of her own?

SiL's first short. With Stewart Lockwood, Shanice Steward-Jones and Cerys Knighton.

  • Nominated Best Short, Marbella International Film Festival 2015

Written and produced by Glyn Carter​, dir Alan Prior

Centurion poster jpeg final.jpg
Centurion                                                                                        2015 / 6min

What do you do when your new boyfiend reveals you're his hundredth partner?


First in the Pillow Talk series of comedies about couples who really shouldn't be in the same bedroom together. With Lilian Schiffer and Adrian Annis.

  • Marbella International Film Festival 2015

Written produced and directed by Glyn Carter​

Teddy Bears Still 6.jpg
Teddy Bears                                                                                    2016 / 7min

Rational intellectual finds himself with a woman who's obsessed by her teddies.


Another in the Pillow Talk series. With Andy McLeod and Helen Berry.

  • Best Low Budget Short Award, Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2016 (BAFTA Cymru)

  • Winner, Mutiny Media Short Screenplay Competition 2015

Written and produced Glyn Carter​, dir Hayley-Marie Axe

Angela Peters & Adam Tucker in We Are Not A Muse (Dir Glyn Carter).jpg
We Are Not A Muse                                                                        2016 / 7min

She has to meet a work deadline. He wants to compose a song, Who's the muse here anyway?


Third in the Pillow Talk series, with Angela Peters and Adam Tucker.

  • Best Short Film (Audience Award), Guidlford Free Film Festival 2017

  • Crossiing The Screen Festival 2017

Written produced and directed by Glyn Carter​

Olive still 1 lo res.jpg
Olive                                                                                                2018 / 2min

Olive lives a lonely existence, until a wonderful find begins to transform her life.


With Deirdra Whelan, Peter Mould and Oscar Smith.

Written produced and directed by Glyn Carter​

Too Old poster.jpg
Too Old To                                                                                       2016 / 7min

A man discovers his dying wife has been having an affair.


With Sidney Kean at his very best.

  • Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards 2016

  • UK Screen One Festival 2016

Written and produced Glyn Carter​, dir Hayley-Marie Axe

Jesus sketch still lo res.jpg
What Would Jesus Actually Do?                                                   2017 / 3min

...for a living, that is. If he returned, would his skillset serve him in today's job market?


Seven sketches created for live performance as part of Hastings Fringe. Hayley-Marie Axe and Gareth Wildig show off their comedy skills, plus Hayley her range of accents, and Gareth his all-round Messiah-ness. For others in the series, start here.

Written produced and directed by Glyn Carter​

Carabiners still 2 both lo res_edited.jpg
Carabiners                                                                                       2017 / 7min

A couple see their marriage spin out of control after a traumatic day for both of them.

Originally a short stage play, with Hayley-Marie Axe and Gareth Wildig. 

Written produced and directed by Glyn Carter​

Balconans Still 2 lo res.jpg
The Balco-Nans                                                                              2015 / 7min

Silent comedy commissioned by Balcony Systems to demonstrate how simple their balcony balustrades are to install. Even your nan can fit one.

Written produced and directed by Glyn Carter​

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