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Above all, I'm a storyteller, and I began by telling stories for screen: both features and shorts, some of which I have made as films. The screenplays I haven't made are available for production.

Feature screenplays

This Way Madness


A man is haunted by the ghost of his own mother.


Written for a small cast and crew, to be produced on a micro budget, This Way Madness is a dark and intense modern horror story for a global market.

Investor prospectus available.


Crunch Time


Five gangsters and a pregnant teenager are locked inside a warehouse after a double-cross goes wrong. Only one will be allowed out alive.


Reservoir Dogs meets Hunger Games. Free Fire meets a story.

Contained thriller, written for production on a low budget.


Cable Tie


Four women team up to exact revenge on the dispicable exes of two of them, until things spiral out of control.

Strangers on a Train meets First Wives Club, meets The Disappearance of Alice Creed, meets Bound

Original and edgy thriller written for micro budget production.


The Scorcher

period drama

Drama inspired by the life of Dorothy Levitt, Britain's first female motor racing driver and inventor of the rear-view mirror.


Feisty and adventurous, Dorothy survives misogyny in the racing world, scandal, suffragette hunger strikes, and the First World War. She symbolises women's heroism in that tumultuous era.

Testament of Youth meets Suffragette meets Rush.


The America Ground

historical adventure/drama

A group of English townspeople in the 1820s create their own village on a beach thrown up by the sea.


As landowners argue, the people's claim is ignored... so they declare themselves part of the USA. Based, recounting how a

The English Free State of Jones.



historical epic

The most famous date in English history. The period of Edward The Confessor, Lady Godiva, King Canute, and William the Conqueror. And never a feature film. 


An epic story of family intrigues and dynastic rivalries behind the bloody battles of 1066, the plottng and betrayals that lifted then crushed King Harold II.


The Saxon Braveheart.




Four naive young English idealists take food and Christmas presents to Polish families suffering under the Polish crackdown on Solidarnosc in 1981. 


They bring themselves and their friends into danger, they must outwit the Polish SB and the East German Stasi.

Inspired by a real mission undertaken by the author.




Family drama following the effects of a woman's death, on her son, daughter, lover, and extended family.

Seven interlinked stories represented by the coulours of the rainbow.

Love Actually for grownups. Sex and death, actually.


Trust Me I'm An Alien

Science Fiction / Comedy

Scientist Sid must save humanity when do-gooding aliens try to destroy our libido forever because they think that sex is the root of human violence.


When he re-engineers their weapons and the CIA come after him too, being kidnapped by the aliens may be a good thing.

alien & earth_edited.jpg

The Grass Is Greener

Science Fiction

After her father is killed by an intruder who infects him with a virus, Saffy discovers he has created a way of getting to parallel worlds... where alternative versions of her father are being killed too. By a serial killer who can hop between worlds.

A science fiction murder mystery. Parallel meets Coherence.

parallel worlds.jpg

Short screenplays



Transexual woman Bobbie is struggling with transitioning, when she befriends a woman who will only call her when she passes a phone box on her way to work. She becomes increasingly dependent on Sossity - then one day, the phone box is removed. Quirky, unique and surreal drama.

  • Semi-finalist, Shore Scripts Competion 2018

Faith in DOG


8-year old Alex's mother has walked out, his father's new partner Aisha is pregnant, and they all have to keep going to the hospital because Aisha's mother is dying. JSS and DOG might help, but Alex is an atheist.

Pandora's Box dot Com

supernatural comedy

Two teenagers steal a laptop. It belongs to the devil, and it wasn't chance that put temptation in their path...


comedy horror

A couple arrive in a hotel for a city break, secretly planning different ways of killing each other.

WINNER Grand Jury first prize, Barnstorm Media Horror Shorts contest 2019, in development for filming in Los Angeles.

Shalom Alaikum

silent comedy

Jonny, a Jew, and Nadia, a Muslim, are arrested for writing messages of peace on walls.

What Happens in Brighton


Jordan can cope with being dressed in ladies' lingerie and chained to his bed. It's his stag do, right? Until his fiancee is wheeled into the hotel room tied to a chair...



Classic horror scenario: scary things happen to a couple in a creepy isolated cottage in the wild moors. With a twist. Or three.

One-minute Sex Comedy


Flatmates Mary and Joanna appraise their handsome guest, trying to work out if he's gay, and if not, whether their current relationships allow detours off the straight and narrow.


dystopian science fiction

In a future controlled by artificial intelligence, Ant is the only person who has avoided being implanted with a tracker and voice transmitter. She can say what she wants, but no one can reply to her or she'll be revealed to the surveillence bots.


surreal comedy

Producer and director audition greenscreens for their next film.


ghost story

A ghost stalks the seafront, looking for a body to inhabit.

Adapted from my award-winning short story.

Laura Takes A Bus Ride

magical drama

A depresssed and lonely schoolgirl takes a bus to the cliffs at Beachy Head. The driver is a guardian angel, but not necessarily a competent one.

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