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The new school year, Part Two

But actually September is more a time for looking forward rather than back.

My immediate goals are:

  • To finish editing A Traitor’s Son and get it in front of agents.

  • To reapply for Arts Council backing for Gog-Magog, and if it’s not forthcoming, to look at crowdfunding.

  • To move towards a stage production of Arnold and Cherry, hopefully with Patrick Kealey and his Theatre Nation company.

  • To do a first draft of The Grass is Greener in NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month, November. I shall cheat by starting in October and finishing in December.

  • To write regular blogs, and use facebook, twitter and Instagram regularly. This is the hard one, for me.

These are to December. In 2022 I shall edit The Grass is Greener, and decide whether to push it as adult or young adult science fiction. Continue all of the above. And sometime in spring, start the second novel in the Traitor’s Son series.

So September is the new January, my main month for reflection and planning. But January is still the new year, so I’ll be reviewing progress then.

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