Script and production services

Expert reviews of screenplays, for writers, producers, and competitions.

I started by giving informal advice to fellow writers. With this input being highly valued, I now offer review services to all. I've learned from some of the best-established script reviewers in the business, and completed Industrial Scripts' script review course.


I fully understand narrative structure, the elements of film storytelling on film, the practicialities of low-budget production, and market realities.

 With a background helping small businesses, I can also offer early stage support with budgeting and business planning for your film project.

Please get in touch via the Contact Form.

Basic Script Review


Script analysis looking at:

  • concept, genre, audience and market

  • overall story structure, plotting, pace

  • characterisation, conflict, drama

  • sense of place and time

  • style and formatting


I will suggest constructive proposals for possible fixes, within the overall tone and themes of your story.


Normally 5-6 pages of notes.


Appropriate for an early draft.

Treatment Review


Many writers find the treatment (a 6-10 page telling of the story) harder than the screenplay itself. I'll give feedback on your feature treatment, looking at concept, story structure, characters, plot, genre, production costs, and marketability.


A treatment can be a marketing tool, reading like a short story and conveying the "feel" of the film. A beat-by-beat plot summary can do more harm than good here, so you'll also get feedback on that elusive thing, style.

Alternatively, it may be a tool for the writer, a storyline "beat-sheet", in which case you will get more focus on the narrative and character arcs.

I can also write a treatment from your screenplay - please contact me for details.

Formatting & Proofreading

£10 for short (<20 pages)

£30 for feature (<100 pages)

 I will check your script to ensure it conforms to industry standards in terms of layout and format.


Also, I will proofread it for spelling, punctuation and grammar. 

Full Script Review


This covers the same ground as the basic review, in more detail and depth.


The review will drill down to the level of individual scenes, with more discussion of rewriting options, aiming at polishing your screenplay.

Outline/indicative budget (short)

£120 - £250

At the early stages of planning a prodution? Preparing a funding application? Need a bit more than "how long is a piece of string" to answer the question "What's your budget?"


I will draw up a high/medium/low budget estimate based on your answers to a questionnnaire.


Or I'll create a budget breakdown that fits your expected resources.


A budget also serves as a vital checklist of all the things you need to think about in planning a shoot.

I've budgeted shorts from £300 to £20,000.

I can also advise on budgeting microbudget features - please contact me for details.

Copy editing

£20 for short (<20 pages)

£70 for feature (<100 pages)

 As well as checking format and spelling, I will look at whether it is clear and unambiguous, and - more importantly - how to make it engaging for the reader by lifting the writing style to bring out your "voice" as a writer.  

Short Script Review

£1 per page (£10 minimum)

It is very hard to master storytelling within the constraints of the short form, and many short films aren't as satisfying to watch as they could be. Common flaws are great set-ups without a satisfying resolution, cheat twists, missing the dramatic heart, passive heroes, and over-reliance on dialogue.


Writers, producers and directors: I will help get your screenplay to the next level by focusing on your story, looking at the basic ingredients of character, dramatic conflict, escalation and resolution.

Business Plan / Investor Prospectus

Negotiable from £250

I will put together a basic business plan or investor prospectus, to help you raise finance for a short or a microbudget feature. 

It will include executive summary, plot summary, outline budget, production schedule, distribution plan, recoupment waterfall, cashflow forecast, potential tax credits, and biogs as required, based on information you provide.


This would not constitute a formal investor offer or agreement, and should be supported by professional legal and financial advice.

The business plan will focus on practicalities, and serve as part of a planning framework. An investor prospectus will be more of a marketing document, underpinned by the business plan.

Prices include VAT


Thank you for the review, that has given me a lot to work with and improve upon.

Thank you! The review has given me a lot to work with and improve upon.

A. Ward

Thanks for this, most appreciated. I don't think you need to take a course on screenwriting reviewing.  I think you could be giving courses!

P. Walker